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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jasmine Star & Twilight

So last night I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine Star, wedding photographer extraordinaire. She is based out of Southern California and never comes up to Northern Cal. Or so I thought. So when I found out she was coming to my neighborhood, like 4 days before, I knew I had to be there. If you don't know who she is, visit her site, she will amaze you. She is warm, down to earth, affectionate, lovely, funny, a sister, a daughter, a woman, a wife, a photographer, she is real, down to the core. If you asked me who were my top 10 influential persons in my life are, Jasmine Star would be in the top 4, behind God, my husband, and my mom. Oh yea, to me, she is BIG.

David and I were in the front row and I was listening intently. My eyes and ears were centered on her, everything she had to say... my mind was open. I am internalizing everything she said and in the next few months you will see it manifest itself... I'm really excited...

She brought IT...

and her MAC...

and her shoes...

Jasmine Star and me, Jennifer Brotchie.. fo reals. Ack!
I admire and adore her, period.

EDITED: OMG! Thanks J* for choosing one of my images! Wow! and thanks so much for visiting me from J*'s link! WOW.. I'm beside myself right now.

Speaking of big...
Oh yea, I am a Twilight mom. I am a Twi-hard, self confessed, and proud. I even have two Twilight Saga t-shirts that I lurve! I feel like a giggly teenager filled with excitement in anticipation of a rock concert with my girlfriends. But this rock concert is the big premiere of New Moon. I am going to the midnight showing and I am so diggin' it! See the other ticket peeking behind that ticket? I'm going to see Twilight just before New Moon, a double feature. Can you hear me screaming!! Wow! Excitement abounds! I just hope I don't fall asleep watching Twilight since I've watched it a billion times. Are you going tonight? Have a great great GREAT Twilight Thursday!


  1. ahhh!! look at YOU with jasmine! isn't she the bestest?!

  2. LOVE it!! Thanks for coming out! :)
    p.s. I love me some Twilight too!! ;)

  3. Yay!!!!! Jenn, I knew this would happen for having your camera. I'm so happy for you!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful hubby. Talk to you soon.

  4. Congrats Jennifer! It was awesome meeting you yesterday!!

    DeAnna Gallardo

  5. Wow!! Super cool Jennifer! Congratulations. She was AMAZING!!! :)

  6. Congrats! Is J* the best or what?!? I know I left there feeling totally inspired. Wish you the best! Oh and I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed those fab shoes. The woman has style!

  7. Jennifer,
    It was great meeting you earlier this week!
    Hope our paths cross again sometime.
    Thank you SO much for the picture -
    it made my day !!
    : )


  8. Ughh...LOVE J*, and so excited to meet you BOTH real soon! :)